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Wednesday, 3 April 2013


Hi everyone its Wednesday which means it's time for the amazing Whats on Your Work Desk hosted by the amazing Julia :-).  If you are new to this amazing desk journey, hop on over to Julia's blog here and get the whole scoop, if your a seasoned sojourner, read on!

Me, well I am a newbie, this is just my third week posting, and I have been enjoying hopping around the world to see what other people have on their desks. My desk is pretty basic, so I thought this week I would post 2 pictures, the first is a picture of the collage that most people commented on last week,it was way in the back of my desk picture. It is actually a piece that was created by my beautiful granddaughter Madilyn who is 6. We were crafting together , making scrapendipity pages. This is hers:
The second picture is what is behind my desk.  I am currently situated in our guest room. So I sit facing the desk and when I turn my chair around the bed is right there so it has become a storing center for some of my crafting supplies...and other stuff.  And yes that is a shark you see in the background!!!  One of my hubby's purchases.
Well, I guess the shark does kind of take over!  I am waiting for my new room which is in the process of being renovated.  In the meantime, I love my little space and love any time I spend there creating.
Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to stopping by as many desks as I can this week for inspiration!
Hugs, Cathryn


  1. It s good to start them young, great effort by your granddaughter. Well.. hasn't everyone got a shark in the room...Have a good day. Francesca #41

  2. I too love collage. I have a hard time explaining it to the kids, so yes, much better to have them help. Love the shark.

  3. My room looks so incomplete without a shark! Jo x

  4. any place I make my mess is home!
    Glad you have experienced Montreat. I hope you will check out Quietfire Design stamps- Suzanne the owner lives in BC. I hope to visit one day.
    thanks for visiting and welcoming me to your place.
    Robyn 126

  5. Haha, I love that you have a shark in your room! Too funny! Welcome to woyww, it's a LOT of fun, but be warned, you might be tempted to increase your stash when you see what other people have got! We're really great enablers. Looks like you and your grand-daughter like spending time together.

    Brenda 87
    PS. Yeah, I make Christmas cards most of the year round!

  6. I think we all need a shark in our room don't we?

    Love what your Grand-daughter has made.

    Happy WOYWW. Susi #58

  7. Your grandaughter's collage is lovely! Not every day you see a shark in a crafting space! Happy WOYWW!

    Lauren x

  8. Oh, you have a nace things for your crafts!
    Thank you for visiting my blog.
    Greetings from Belgrade!

  9. your desk is looking good but boy was I shocked by the shark I wondered what on earth you were going to do with it.

    Enjoy your WOYWW sunny day today
    Ria #64

  10. Love the shark on your bed! Your cards are lovely, the red rose is beautiful. Happy WOYWW! Karen 124 x

  11. ha ha, the shark;) Love your granddaughters collage, beautiful! Happy WOYWW! Lindsay #86

  12. From one Grammy to another...your little grand baby's artwork is beautiful and what a great memory is held in the pieces. Husbands find the most unusual things...aren't they just the sweetest things. I'm happy we met. I'll be back to visit!

  13. Well I don't think anyone can top that, not a shark in the room. Thank you for visiting my blog.
    Karen #192

  14. love your granddaughter's collage! my kind of girl -- bright papers & glue!

  15. Hi Cathryn, love your grand daughters collage - great patterns and colours. The shark is fabulous. I bet you can't wait to get into your new craft room. Happy WOYWW Gill x #93

  16. Hi Cathryn - Someone asked what was around my desk as well yesterday since they could tell from the picture I posted that I have a small desk so next week I'll take a few extra angles...LOL

    Love that you and your granddaughter craft together. I also have a 6 year old granddaughter and she is always ready for a 'Nannie project'...thanks for stopping by my blog, this was my first week in WAYWW but I'll be back for sure!!!

    Be blessed,

  17. What a beautiful collage - big hug to Madilyn, well done!!!
    Hope we will have tour of your new room ..........
    Bishopsmate #75

  18. Well done to Madilyn - that's a lovely collage. I really love the butterfly image next to it and the little flowers in the front - it's intriguing catching little glimpses of lovely crafty bits!
    Thanks so much for stopping by my desk - hope you have a great week.

  19. Thanks for dropping by ...I'm only managing to drop by those who visit me and some old friends this week.Love your collage much fun ...I used to create Layout backgrounds like that. Hope you enjoy being part of all this ...I was one of the original 20 and drop in and out of it all...cant believe its week ?200 ....hopefully I will be more around this year.xx

  20. wow that shark looks scary and very realistic. I love the collage that Madilyn did, she clearly has a crafty future.
    Thanks for the visit and lovely comment.

    Gill x

  21. Hi Cathryn, that collage page looks great and I'd have to say you win the prize for Most Random Item in Creative Space Award! Thanks for your visit, have a great week. MMx

  22. hahhah luv the shark too !!! thx for sharing. where in BC are you? I am in Victoria.
    Darlene #118

  23. haha - love the shark! Looks like it's creeping up on you.......
    cheers, ~Jen

  24. G'day Cathryn
    Its only my second week doing WOYWW myself. I'm late as I have had several huge busy days and just had no time to get to the computer. As well as when Julia posts the WOYWW post I am at work and its already in the evening here on Wednesday by then LOL. Your art room made me smile as mine is the same...I'm in the spare room and my desk can look OK but behind me on the bed is something similar to what you have LOL. Love that shark...he is protecting your supplies. Madilyn's collage is gorgeous!! Thanks for dropping by my blog too
    Annette In Oz

  25. Hi thanks for your visit. Love your granddaughters work. We have actually been in canada for over a year now and are quite settled thanks. I have also been on woywww for ages possibly one and a half years. Welcome. I look forward to seeing your new space

  26. I guess I'd let the shark take over too - no matter if it's stuffed or fake!!! haaa
    You have a nice temporary space set up. Don't forget to show us your new space once it's done.

    Thank you for popping over and becoming a follower. I am now your latest follower!

  27. Thanks for the comment on my blog and becoming a follower, Your desk look like its full of lovely things and it's nice you are bringing a new crafter into the fold, you can never be too young to craft I say.
    You asked about the inkpad storage on my desk, It is a wood draw unit from ikea but i've taken all but the middle draws out as found it more useful that way lol

  28. Hi ya, sorry it's took so much time to reply lol, with mum being in hospital then coming out and me spending time helping her. It's going to get mega busy in the next few weeks as I'm an accountant and it's the new tax year YUK lol. I am so glad your enjoying woyww, it's truly inspirational and extremely addictive lol. Thank you so much for so many beautiful comments on my blog I really do appreciate them all especially while things have been stressful. Wow I so wish I could nosy at all the yummy craftiness on your spare bed, might leave the shark out though lol lol sounds like my other half, I don't dare ask what your hubby bought the shark for lol lol. Sounds like your granddaughter will become a true artist and the canvas is gorgeous. Happy Woyww :-) Kezzy xxx

  29. Sorry I am a week late - hope 'better late than never' applies here. How could I have done that to a newbie on WOYWW? Smacked wrist for me!
    Love the fact you are crafting in the spare room, what a good idea, when out of inspiration you c;an flop on the bed and think - oops, no. You have the bed full of goodies. Ah well, hope the new craft room isn't long and then you can leave the shark and play.
    Hugs, Neet xx