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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

A New Card, Hooray for a Bit of MOJO!!

I thought I was back three weeks ago, apparently due to a lack of postings, it wasn't to be, however, today, I made a new card and I am so thrilled to be able to share it on my blog. I am just going to be down right honest here for a moment and let you, my faithful readers know that I have an illness called treatment resistant depression. As the name says, my body resists most treatment  , and I have tried them all.  My wonderful doctor works with me on new medications cocktails, and in the last 15 years, I have managed a couple of times to get as much as a solid 5 months of a good period of time, then my body becomes immune to the meds. However, I am on an upswing, with a bit of energy that I haven't had for months, and I am an optimist at heart, with good friends and family support. I originally started this blog as a way of reaching outside of my own walls, giving myself a forum to share my creativity, and setting weekly goals for myself. This worked for the first 3 months, and I hope it will work again. I love to be able to challenge myself, I love to be creative, and I sure do love all the positive feedback that flows through cyberspace. So with that said, here is what I would like to share today.

My next door neighbour, bless her heart, decided 2 years ago to go back to school to earn her grade 12 diploma, and on June 11th, she will walk across a stage and do just that. What a thrill it will be to cheer her on. So I have made this card of Congratulations for her.

I made all the pieces of the card out of metallic card stock. I stamped the  scroll work using a Stampin up roller, and embossed it and the writing, with silver. I added a silver 2013 charm with a silver brad, and added a pearl to the flower, as well as 3 pearls to the top right hand corner.  The picture doesn't show how stunning the card is with the metallics, however I know she will just love it. 

I would like to show you the inside as well since I was experimenting with some new products and techniques.The wheat was done with straw distressing embossing powder from Tim Holtz, and I used white ink to make the writing. The butterflies and the royal blue edging where done with perfect pearls. This is an interesting new medium which is very pearlescent and adds such a fun touch to the card.

I am entering this card into two challenges , the first is at cas-ual fridays where the challenge is to make a Congratulations card. The second challenge is at shopping our stash where the challenge is to use no patterned paper.

This was just so much fun and I thank each and every one of you who have found your way to my blog today. Please feel free to leave me a comment as each one means so much to me.  If you would like to become a follower, I would be honored to have you join me.
And one last thing, if you or any one you know suffers from depression and needs a listening ear, I am here...Blessings, Cathryn


  1. elegant colors and great design. love that you finished the inside, too. thanks for joining in us this week at CAS-ual Fridays Challenge!

  2. Thank you for sharing, Cathryn. I was wondering where you were. I'm so sorry that you have this terrible cross to bear in your life. I can only imagine how much more difficult it would be for you, your loved ones, and your doctor if you didn't have such a wonderfully optimistic underlying personality!

    Try not to get too wrapped up in the comments or the wins part of blogging and entering challenges, which, if you let it, can be crushing when it's not what you had hoped. You have a fantastic artistic talent and wonderful writing skills, so just do your blog for YOU. Also, I want to thank you for regularly coming by the Playhouse and leaving comments on my postings. It means a lot to me!!

    Take care and hang in there, hon. Darnell

  3. Hi Cathryn. Thanks so much for sharing one of the challenging parts of your life. It is wonderful that you have such supportive friends, family and doctor. Hopefully you will continue to find the energy to enjoy making cards and blogging. It is truly uplifting to share your creative talents and get positive feedback from other crafters.

    I love the special card you made for your neighbor's graduation. Thanks for sharing. Loll xx

  4. Wow such beautiful colors! Thanks for joining in us this week at CAS-ual Fridays Challenge!

  5. Thanks for sharing about your illness. It's great you have support and blogland is a good place to find support, too. I'm glad you were able to find the mojo!

    The silver embossing on your card is so striking. I love the Perfect Pearls on the butterflies--they look subtle and beautiful. Thanks for joining us at CAS-ual Fridays, and *hugs* to you.

  6. Aw Cathryn I am so sorry to hear you've been so poorly. As a long term sufferer of fibromyalgia which is a chronic pain illness I greatly sympathise. Like you I felt there was a need for me to get out there! Unfortunately although I have some very dear friends other people do not see my illness as I look so normal despite not being able to get out of bed sometimes. I am not saying this to hijack your post, it is so that you know there is a lot of support here in blog land and you have been sorely missed.
    Loads of love Lea xxx

  7. Welcome back dear friend! And look at you go girl! Stunning card! Beautiful techniques - the silver and Perfect Pearls are an awesome combination - perfect for a graduation that holds so much importance and sense of accomplishment for your neighbor!

    I read Darnell's comments - she has such a beautiful way of expressing herself (and we all know she can also crack us up with her humor). I would just like to say ditto to her comments. Your positive attitude is to be admired. Your conviction that you can learn to live with this by focusing on the positive things is what is going to allow you to kick that nasty depression in the butt and send it packing, because, you've got beautiful cards to make for special people in your life!

    Looking forward to the next card....maybe tomorrow?

  8. this is a beauty, I luv the darker tones and the sentiment...very sweet! Hope you have a wonderful day.

    enjoy *~*

  9. Yay for your neighbor for going back to finish school, and this is the PERFECT card for her. Well done, and thanks for joining us at Shopping Our Stash!

  10. It's a wonderful card, I'm sure your neighbor appreciated it very much. I hope you are doing well, Cathryn, and enjoying your summer.


  11. Thank you for the update, Cathryn, and for the sweet birthday wishes! I'm so thrilled you are on a new med that is working for you!! Living in the moment is a good thing, something everyone should strive to do, so you are way ahead of most people if you are accomplishing that!

    Enjoy the wedding celebration! Congratulations and blessings to the happy couple!! xxoo Darnell

  12. Hi Cathryn, just found you via Loll's blog. What a beautiful card, I love the front of it and the sentiment inside is wonderful!....hang onto those words sweet lady. xx
    Hope things continue to be good for a long long time.
    Huge Hugs and prayers coming your way.
    Mau xx

  13. Cathryn, thank you for sharing something so private. I have also suffered from depression but have a medication that works well for me. I can't imagine how that must be to always have to try new meds. Keep up with your positive outlook. Your card is beautiful and your neighbor is going to love it.
    With that being said I have nominated you for the Leibster Award which you can read about on my blog.